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Teachers at the Kauffman School will be developed by leadership and supported by a team dedicated to seeing all students graduate from college. Teachers are leaders and are the biggest factor in our students’ success.

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A Day in the Life of a Kauffman Teacher

Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers  Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers  Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers  Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers  

Work hours for Kauffman School teachers are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, but teachers put in as many hours as it takes to be exceptional instructional leaders creating exceptional student results. They often come early to work and stay late to plan, role play lessons, give and receive lesson feedback, and collaborate with other staff. Take a look at a typical day in the life of a Kauffman Teacher.

6:30-7:00        PREPARATION
Teachers arrive to make copies and prepare their classrooms to ensure that everything is ready for the PREPsters arrival.

7:00-7:30        MORNING PRACTICE
Teachers meet with coaches or colleagues to role play lessons; this internalization ensures that teachers are maximizing instructional time with students. 

7:30-7:45        STAFF HUDDLE
Instructional Staff meet in Huddle, which is a time for announcements and shout-outs to start the day off successfully. Having all staff on the same page means consistency for our school team and for our students.

7:45-7:50        STUDENT ARRIVAL
Scbhool leaders - Ms. Lofthus, Ms. Dolge and Mrs. Coleman - greet each student with a handshake as they enter into the school building. Every student deserves to be greeted with a smile and support confirming that staff will do whatever it takes to prepare them to be college graduates. 

7:50-8:05        BREAKFAST
Students eat breakfast and teachers use this time to check-in, collect homework data, and make announcements. Teachers set our students up for success by building positive relationships and celebrating success.

8:10-9:00        TEACH
Kauffman School teachers use Teach Like A Champion classroom strategies that they learn and practice during Professional Development on Fridays. The Kauffman School is dedicated to excellent professional development in order to cultivate our teachers into strong instructional leaders.

9:04-9:54        PLANNING
Kauffman School teachers get three hours of planning a day. They use this time to collaborate, co-plan, observe teachers and give lesson feedback.

9:54-10:09        MORNING BREAK
The longer school hours provide students with more learning time, so breaks are built into the school day in order to provide students with snacks, energy, and time for support that they need to be successful.

10:13-11:03        TEACH
Lessons at the Kauffman School are aligned to the learning objective and informed by data. Teachers differentiate lessons based on data that they analyze from rigorous assessments.

11:07-11:57        PLANNING
Observation and feedback are key structures that allow the Kauffman School staff to develop into strong instructional leaders. Teachers complete short, weekly observations to give feedback to one another. Peer observations encourage best practices and ensure consistency amongst classrooms.

12:01-12:24        PREP

The Kauffman School believes that academic excellence is necessary for success, but also knows that academics alone will not open doors for students. Teachers use PREP to teach and develop character qualities such as perseverance, respect, empathy, and teamwork.

12:28-12:51        LUNCH
The structures and systems in place at the school ensure that every minute is used to promote learning. It is purposeful, intentional, and joyful. Teacher use lunch to chat with students, eat lunch, and track homework completion to show students their progress toward earning a various incentives.

12:55-1:45        TEACH
All teachers focus on accountable talk strategies in their classrooms which promote strong oral language development. These skills include the ability to respond in a college voice, answering in complete sentences and talking to their whole team.

1:49-2:39        TEACH
Teachers check for understanding using different methods throughout the lesson, test for mastery using exit slips, and base their teaching on data.

2:43-3:33        PLANNING
Each week, teachers engage in a one-on-one coaching session with an instructional coach or principal that is driven by the teacher's development goals. Teachers might focus on building skills in instructional delivery, practicing or role playing a lesson, or diving into content to plan rigorous lessons for students.

3:33-3:48        AFTERNOON BREAK
Another chance to break up the long, focused learning day is Afternoon Break and snack. Teachers use break to shout out the students who have earned merits and increase the positive school culture.

3:52-4:27        FOCUS
The Kauffman School believes in reaching students on their learning level and uses differentiated learning to increase academic achievement. Focus gives time for remediation and enrichment.

4:30                DISMISSAL/CLUBS
Teachers wave goodbye to the buses as students head home to complete their lifework, or homework. Some students stay later in order to participate in clubs such as newspaper, theater, French, and dance.



Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers





Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers



Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers and Hannah Lofthus





Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers



Ewing Marion Kauffman School Teachers





Ewing Marion Kauffman School


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