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Kauffman School | Academics

In order to accomplish our mission to prepare students to excel academically and graduate from college, it is necessary that our academic program exceed state and national standards. Students graduating from the Kauffman School will be fully prepared to attend and graduate from college.

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Overview of Courses

  • Literature
  • Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Non-fiction Literature
  • Fitness
  • PREP/Advisory

Standards for Promotion

The Kauffman School’s academic year is divided into three trimesters. All courses are one academic-year long. Students are expected to earn minimum year averages of 65 percent in the core academic courses of literature, writing, math, science, and history.  Failure to meet the minimum expectation in one or more courses may put a student’s promotion in jeopardy. In addition to the minimum course expectation, if students fail to meet any of the following criteria, promotion also may be in jeopardy at the discretion of the Principal:

  • Attendance – Students should have fewer than 10 absences for the school year.
  • Lifework – Students should maintain a completion rate of 90% or greater for each trimester.
  • PREP Grades – Students should score a minimum of intermediate for each PREP value in PREP class by the end of the year.
  • Interim Assessments – On interim assessments, students should achieve a score predictive of proficiency on the annual state MAP assessments in math, communication arts, and science.
  • Reading Growth–Students starting the academic year below their current grade equivalent reading level should achieve a minimum of 1.5 years of reading grade level growth as measured by the STEP assessment.

Academic Assessment

The Kauffman School will communicate performance and progress to students and families on a regular basis.  The following are some of the ways in which the school may provide academic information to families:

  • Weekly PREP Report
  • Trimester Report Cards – Report Cards must be picked up at teacher conferences.
  • Mandatory Parent/Guardian Teacher Conferences
  • Regular Assessment, Analysis, and Reporting (NWEA, ANet)

Mandatory Parent/Guardian Conferences

Academic success and college preparedness are at the heart of the Kauffman School’s mission. Parent/guardian participation in regular conversations with teachers and attendance at mandatory report card conferences are essential to the success of each and every student at the school.

The school schedules parent/guardian conferences during the year to provide updates on academic progress and an opportunity to discuss next steps necessary for the academic growth and success of each PREPster.  A variety of times will be available to schedule conferences that accommodate work schedules and other circumstances.

It is the responsibility of each student’s parent/guardian to attend conferences on the scheduled date.  If a substitute must attend a conference due to an emergency situation, the responsible party must be at least 18 years of age and listed as one of the student’s authorized contacts.  Failure to attend any such mandatory parent/guardian teacher conferences may minimize the academic growth of your PREPster, which can seriously jeopardize grade-level promotion. 

Throughout the year, parents/guardians should notify the school within 48 hours if any contact information or emergency contact information changes.  Please provide changes to the Office Manager at 816-268-5660.


  • Mandatory tutoring, enrichment, and/or homework for all students, Monday-Thursday.
  • Teachers available by phone for homework assistance until 8 pm.

Special Education

The Kauffman School employs a Director of Special Education whose sole focus is ensuring all students are enabled to meet our high academic and personal expectations.  We believe all students are capable of entering and completing college, and we will provide services and instructions based on that belief.  Parents/guardians will be contacted as appropriate by the Director of Special Education to discuss student needs and accommodations.