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PREP Values

The Kauffman School's culture is defined not only by high academic expectations, but also by a set of beliefs shared by students and staff that serve as personal tools for current and future success. The entire Kauffman School community will strive to exhibit and recognize the Kauffman School's PREP values.
“We find a way or we make one.”
Students and teachers at the Kauffman School have grit. We approach challenges with determination and a positive attitude. We carry each other toward the goals we know we can achieve and we don’t complain – we solve our problems and move forward.
“We show that we know.”
Our academic program is demanding and expectations for teachers and students are high. We work hard and we want to know if our hard work is paying off. Everyone is accountable to each other for proof of our learning.
“We notice. We feel. We act.”
Students and teachers at the Kauffman School look out for each other. We share each other’s joys and pains because we are all working toward the same goal.
“We put our hearts into what we do.”
Kauffman School students are inspired by what matters to them. Our teachers believe in our students and are compelled by a sense of urgency to help them succeed.