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Uniform Payments

Dressing professionally is a critical skill for success in college and in life and we are excited to teach this skill to our students. Dressing professionally also ensures that students represent themselves positively to others at the Kauffman School and in their community.

As students enter the building, their uniform is checked thoroughly and any student who is out of uniform or has an article missing earns a consequence.  Individual uniform items will be charged to student accounts if the student is out of uniform. Once the item is charged, the student can then keep the article supplied by the School.

Families may return belts and shoes to the School and will receive a credit to the student account as long as the items are returned in the same condition as received from the School.

Below is a list of fees for the uniform items that will be charged to a student's account if they are given a uniform item due to being out of uniform:

Pants $20
Belts $8
Socks $3
Shoes $10
Polo $10
White T-Shirt $5
High School White Oxford $25
Fleece Pullovers $30
Pullover Performance Half-Zip $35