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College Access and Success

Department Vision:

Each day, the Ewing Marion Kauffman School works to create college graduates. The College Access & Success Department is a key support in this important mission. We are not satisfied with getting students to college – our goal is to see 100% of our students graduate from college. We know that a college degree not only represents a student’s success, but the gateway to a meaningful career, a living wage, and a future with options. Intensive one-on-one supports begin a student’s junior year in high school and continue through college graduation.

Summer Experiences:

The Kauffman School is committed to supporting students in applying to summer experiences so that students can learn more about their interests, develop new skills and competencies, and boost their college applications through meaningful summer learning experiences. Below is a list of summer experiences available to Kauffman School students.

2018 Summer Experience Student Reflection:
"My name is Jose, I am a Sophomore at the Kauffman School. My goals are to graduate college and start my own company in either Technology or Photography. While working at MINDDRIVE, I want to know what it feels like to work in a team and understand how a real job works, since this is my first job. I want to understand the ropes of working at a job. Also I want to see if working at MINDDRIVE this summer will interest me into coming back to MINDDRIVE and working as a mentor." 

College Lists:

Kauffman School students develop their college list throughout their junior year to support students in narrowing their focus to colleges that align with their individual interests and goals. Most students will have ten colleges on their lists. Below is a roundup of helpful resources and sites to consider in building a strong list of colleges.

Financial Aid:

During the Kauffman School's daily College Seminar, students learn about how to pay for college through a combination of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, loans, and more. Below is a list of resources to consider in college financial aid.

Apply to College:

Kauffman School students use their college lists to begin applying to colleges as early as August of their senior year.

Contact Our Team:


Rachel Walker - Director of College Access 

Morgan Tillett - College Counselor