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Virtual School Resources

All grades at The Kauffman School are virtual (NO in-person classes) from Wednesday, January 12 through Friday, January 14. (7th and 8th grade virtual school begins Tuesday, January 11). See below for helpful resources, and check out our Resource Guide for Virtual Families.
Sent Friday, January 14 (morning)

Dear Families: 

We are grateful for your support as we temporarily transitioned to virtual learning this week. 

As expected, we have made the decision to transition back to in-person school on Tuesday, January 18th.  (There is no school on Monday, January 17th in observance of MLK Jr. Day.) 

As we shared, this temporary transition to virtual was driven by staff availability and not student illness or absences. The majority of staff who needed to be out this week have been cleared to return to school on Tuesday, and thus we have capacity to return to in-person school. 

While COVID continues to present challenges for our community, with your support, we can keep school safe and healthy. We continue to have only limited indications of in-school teacher-to-student and student-to-student transmission. Our mask policy will remain in effect, and compliance will be enforced. But ultimately, keeping COVID out of our building remains our best strategy to limit the spread of COVID inside our building. Thus, we also need staff and  students who test positive, who are ill, or who have confirmed or possible exposure to COVID to remain at home.

If your child has been directed to quarantine or isolate, please continue to keep them home until the return date that was communicated to you by Nurse Quatrocky. If you have questions about your child’s return date, contact the school by phone (816.268.5660), text (816.268.5660), or email ( If you are unsure whether you should send your child to school, please get confirmation from EMKS before sending them. 

We appreciate your flexibility and support and look forward to seeing our students back at school. 

Sent Tuesday, January 11 (evening): 


We are grateful for your support and the hard work of our teachers that has made it possible for us to offer virtual classes to all students from tomorrow through Friday, January 14. See below for information that will allow our 5/6 and high school students off to a strong start tomorrow, and allow our 7/8 students to build on their strong day today. 



Your student’s schedule is linked below. For safety reasons, the link is only accessible when logged in with a Kauffman School account. 



We have also created an open-access middle school schedule for families to view that, for safety reasons, does not include zoom links. You can view it here. Your student will attend synchronous classes (meaning all students will take “live” virtual classes over zoom) with online lessons taught by a teacher. 100% of students are expected to be logged into their zoom account by 8:00 am each day. Otherwise, they will be considered tardy.


Our daily schedule remains the same as in-person school and is as follows:

  • Tuesday-Thursday: 8 AM - 3:30 PM
  • Friday: 8 AM - 1:20 PM



Students are expected to attend all classes each day. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each class period. If your student will be unable to attend class, please report their absence to the school as you would during in-person school by leaving a message on the attendance line, texting  the front office at 816-268-5660, or emailing at

    • If you have been directed to quarantine or isolate:
      • If your student is well enough to participate in class, they should log on to and attend classes daily. 
      • If your student is too ill to engage in virtual classes, please contact the school so they can be excused.
    • If your student is sick:
      • If your student is well enough to participate in class, they should log on to classes daily.
      • If your student is too ill to engage in virtual classes, please contact the school so they can be excused. Please be sure to share your student’s symptoms so that we can make any recommendations around COVID testing that will allow us to safely return to school next week.
    • If your student is having tech issues:

If you are experiencing... should try...

your video and/or sound is lagging

Hard reset your Chromebook:

  1. Turn off your Chromebook
  2. Press and hold ‘refresh’ (half circle with an arrow) and tap the ‘power’ button (half circle with line through it)
  3. When your Chromebook starts up, release ‘refresh’ (half circle with an arrow)

your microphone is not working

Connect to your Chromebook’s speaker and microphone:

  1. After joining or starting a meeting, click “Join Audio by Computer” to connect your computer’s speaker and microphone to the Zoom Meeting
  2. Test the volume and output of your speaker device by selecting “Test Speaker”
  3. If you cannot hear, change the output source by selecting a different speaker device.

your internet is moving slowly

Strengthening your internet connection:

  1. Move as close to the internet router as you can while still having a quiet space to work
  2. Disconnect other devices (phone) from your Wifi
  3. If your internet is still lagging you will need to reset the router. 
    1. Pull the power cord from the router. let it sit for 30 seconds and then plug back in.
    2. This may take a couple minutes to restart and connect to the internet.

Reach out to us at 816-268-5660 or to let us know if your student is having trouble accessing the internet for virtual learning.



Our student Code of Conduct applies to remote learning.  We want this to be a professional, focused environment that wallows students to learn.  Specifically, these are our expectations:

  • Attend each content/class every day on time. 
    • In order to be on time, launch ZOOM 3-5 minutes before each class starts
  • Be prepared with scratch paper and a writing utensil
  • Dress code:  school appropriate (does not have to EMKS uniform)
  • Be engaged and support other classmates learning, for example: 
    • Use professional language
    • Ensure your teacher and classmates can see your full face in your screen
    • Make sure material on their screen is appropriate
  • Be fully present and avoid multitasking
    • Students should be present and visible on screen for the duration of each class 
    • Students should not be on phones, video games, etc. during class
    • Background noise should be as minimal as possible to support focus 
  • Show integrity
  • Complete classwork to the best of your ability and upload assignments on-time
  • Read independently and complete any additional work outside of school hours
  • Students who engage in inappropriate behavior will earn consequences, which may include low academic grades and being dismissed from class. 


FAMILY SUPPORT: How To Support Your PREPsters' Success

 We’d love your support in setting your student up for success by doing the following;

  • Provide a quiet space, free of distractions which may include limiting your student’s phone use
  • View initial ZOOM to assure student is logging in on time and to support with possible technical issues
  • Confirm that classwork is complete and turned in on-time for every subject every day
  • Keep an open line of communication with teacher/EMKS staff via email, text, or phone call
  • Reach out in advance to teacher/EMKS staff if your student can not attend class with the schedule listed above 


We miss the privilege to work with each of your students on a daily basis face-to-face but am thankful we have the resources to honor our commitment to stay connected and ensure learning continues this week. Special thanks to everyone who has extended their support to assure every student has what they need to be safe and successful. Your effort does not go unnoticed.


EMKS Commitment to Safety: Zoom Monitoring

EMKS technology and administrative staff are extremely concerned with your students safety and your households safety, both physically and virtually. To that end, we have taken measures to make sure students are set up for success using video chat classroom structures.


We have:

  • Set up individualized zoom accounts for all students so that we are aware of who is logging in at all points of zoom communication
  • Systems on your student’s chromebook that flag potentially risky computer usage for school administrators
  • What we ask of you:
    • Please monitor your students’ technology use. By virtue of having internet access, there is always risk and we want to partner with you to minimize that risk as much as possible
    • Please have conversations with your student about their on-line behavior. As we move to an increasingly virtual world, the best support we can give our students is helping them understand the impact their choices can have on their long term success.

Our Chromebook Use Agreement outlines acceptable computer behavior, especially as it relates to safety. This agreement was distributed at the beginning of the year and is available at

As always, we thank you for your partnership in Creating College Graduates. As we continue to go through this upcoming semester, we will continue to push for excellence and work with you all to support your students.

Student Schedules
Student schedules and Zoom links are available below. For safety reasons, the link is only accessible when logged in with a Kauffman School account. 
Technology Support 
Student needs a chromebook/charger?
  • Email to report your student's name and needs and we will get back to you with the time you can pick up items for your student.
Need support with internet access?
  • Our team is able to help troubleshoot weak connections and provide hotspots when needed!
  • Reach out to us at 816-268-5660 or and let us know if your student is having trouble accessing the internet for virtual learning.
Have a different issue?
  • Check out our resources below to help you troubleshoot most common issues with virtual learning.
  • If the resources on this page do not answer your questions, call 816-268-5660 (main number to the Kauffman School)
  • Listen to the menu and follow the directions given
  • If directed to leave a voicemail, please leave a complete message with:
    • Your full name
    • Your student’s name
    • Description of the issue
    • Callback number
Chromebook acting strange? Zoom won't let you log in? We're here to help!
We know navigating technology can be a challenging part of digital learning, and our incredible tech team has made making sure our students are ready for classes their biggest priority. On this page, we have guides to help you troubleshoot our most-often-reported tech issues, as well as directions for how to reach us if something still isn't working.