Green Fellowship

The Ewing Marion Kauffman School is proud to employ several Green Fellows, who are Teach For America alumni educators selected for additional development and leadership in the Kansas City education landscape. Read more about some of our Green Fellows below:

Arlette Acosta


What drew you to the Green Fellow program?

The opportunity to join a cohort of highly effective teachers to learn from and collaborate with as leaders in education and to engage in conversations with stake holders of the community I teach in.


How has your Green Fellow experience complemented the development at Kauffman School?

As a newcomer to Kansas City, it’s vital to gain a contextual understanding of the educational landscape of my new community. My experience as a Green Fellow has allowed me the opportunity to gain this understanding. Meanwhile, the personalized coaching that drew me to Kauffman School has strengthened me as a teacher, allowing me to develop my teaching strategies and gather data more efficiently.

Jason Zimmerman


What experiences within Green Fellow program have most impacted you as a teacher leader?

My best experiences are the connections I created. I’ve met other fellows and community leaders that offer ideas for not only my content as a teacher but also larger social movements in which I can engage. I feel like a better citizen because of Green Fellow programming, and that makes me an inherently more aware teacher.


How has your Green Fellow experience complemented the development at the Kauffman School?

The Green Fellowship is a perfect complement to Kauffman School. Whereas Kauffman School professional development are day-to-day techniques to be the best classroom teacher, the Green Fellowship offers systems-wide perspective. Seeing both the ground floor and big picture has allowed me to more holistically understand my role as an educator.