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Planning to Vote

The 2020 Election is of tremendous importance, and we encourage everyone in our Kauffman Community to ensure their voice can be heard by making a plan to vote. The Kauffman School can support you in making your plan by sharing information about registering to vote, helping with paperwork or providing notary services to mail-in ballots. If you have ANY questions about voting, feel free to reach out to - we'd be happy to help!

Timeline of All Election-Related Deadlines:



More Information

In-person early voting begins

Began Tuesday, September 22

  • You may vote in person at the Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners at Union Station, 8-5 PM Monday-Friday, starting on Tuesday, September 22 and through November 2. In the state of Missouri, absentee and early voting requires a reason, such as being unable to report to the polls on election day.

Deadline to register to vote for November 3 General Election

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

  • Not sure if you’re registered to vote in Missouri? Check here or here!
  • Need to register to vote in Missouri? Fill out the form and directions here. Note – this will require you to print off and mail your voter registration card once you are done.
  • Prefer to register in person? Check out this list of where you can get registered:

Deadline For Request a Mail-In Ballot to Be Received

Wednesday, October 21

  • As of June 4, Missouri has added mail-in ballot options for the August 4 primary and November election to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission on election days. (Previously, the only way to vote by mail in Missouri was to request an absentee ballot, which required a reason to vote absentee). Full information about the mail-in voting law in Missouri is here – scroll down to “Mail-In Ballot” for details.
  • Mail-in ballot requests for Kansas City are now available (attached, and here). If you do not have access to a printer, copies are available in the South Building front office.
  • You may note that, in Missouri, it says you will need to have your ballot notarized. That’s the ballot itself, NOT the request. The Kauffman School provides free notary services to anyone in need.

Deadline for Completed Mail-in Ballot to be Received

Tuesday, November 3

  • This is the date by which the Election Authority must receive your request for a mail-in ballot for you to be granted one.
  • We recommend you mail it a week in advance to be safe – on or around October 26.

Election day

Tuesday, November 3

  • If you do not vote before November 3, voting will be available in person at your polling place from 6 AM to 7 PM.  Find your Missouri voting location here.
  • If you vote in person, it’s always a good idea to preview your ballot – Ballotpedia allows you to easily search for a sample ballot for your address.


Additional Helpful Resources

  • Wondering what all will be on your ballot? Have questions about primaries in general? Ballotpedia is a good starting point for election information:
  • Your county’s election office is a good source of information about election logistics, deadlines and other updates. They usually have a phone number that is answered quickly by a real person who can help with any specific questions you may have!
  • Your state’s Secretary of State office is a good resource for voting FAQs, especially as it relates to state law.
  • Operations manager Bailey Page is working to support staff and families with making their voice heard through voting - reach out to her at with any questions!