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School Directory

General Support
Front Office 816-268-5660
Apple Bus Company 816-252-8800
Homeless Coordinator
Cat Cain
Foster Care Point of Contact
Cat Cain
5th and 6th Grade School
Shelli Brown
Dean of Students
Kristin Hart Dean of Students 816-520-8647
Deon Myer Dean of Students / Instructional Coach 816-509-0325
Lindsey Dolge Principal 816-912-8893
Amy Rosenwald Assistant Principal 816-912-8892
Georgina Leslie Instructional Coach 816-533-2727
Abby Banning 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-832-1179
Kelsey Barnes 6th Grade Science Teacher 816-832-1302
Sebastian Barraza 5th Grade Fitness Teacher 816-591-0460
Kameron Berkley 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-506-2959
Gordon Brown 5th and 6th Grade Teacher 816-832-1917
Mario Brown 6th Grade Fitness Teacher 816-591-8291
Camille Burgmeier 5th Grade Science Teacher 816-604-9597
Sarah Cooper 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-591-9600
Michaela Creer 6th Grade Math Teacher 816-490-1260
Lindsey Dennis 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-604-0995
Leischele Downs 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-260-6036 
Kris Drummond Learning Support Specialist 816-832-7905
Debra (Jules) Fox Learning Support Specialist 816-833-9139 
Angela Gipson 6th Grade Science Teacher 816-401-3132
Janelle Heitmeier 6th Grade Science Teacher 816-605-2132
Brenna Jenisch 5th Grade Science Teacher 816-604-7292
Linda Kovac 5th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-516-2339
Katie Larson Kansas City Teacher Resident 816-832-1560
Johanna Laxton 6th Grade Math Teacher 816-591-6421 
Ariel Lehr 5th Grade Math Teacher 816-591-6624 
Steffanie Long 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-591-7284 
Louis Lowe Building Substitute Teacher 816-604-7537 
Julian Marshall 5th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-832-1140
Amber Merola 6th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-604-9011 
Madelynne Moore 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-832-1921
Martina Pezzino 5th Grade Music Teacher 816-503-1227
Emily Randall 6th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-599-0905 
Micah Robinson 6th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-490-0323 
Vanessa Rodriguez 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-490-1837 
Macey Rose 5th Grade Math Teacher 816-500-4992 
Parisa Saravi 6th Grade Guided Reading 816-490-1782 
Molly Schmeidler Learning Support Specialist 816-501-6394 
Joseph Schmidt 5th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-266-7662 
Taylor Sidles 5th Grade Math Teacher 816-833-9147 
Ashleigh Slover 5th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-490-2212 
Erin Suchy 5th Grade Math Teacher 816-490-0025 
Emily Thorpe 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-599-0748 
Chelsea Whittle 6th Grade Math Teacher 816-605-0820 
Courtney Winchester Learning Support Specialist 816-591-0526 
Joyce Wong 6th Grade Math Teacher 816-832-6724
7th/8th Grade School
Hayley Steel Dean of Students 816-503-1182
Cescily Turner Phillips Dean of Students 816-533-2146
Kimberly Rollins Dean of Students 816-832-1754
Dana Coleman Principal 816-654-3387
Melissa Sprockel Instructional Coach and Interim Principal 816-533-2124 
Nick Burgmeier Instructional Coach 816-833-9156
Maple Kirby Instructional Coach 816-833-9150 
Robyn Blakemore 8th Grade Math Teacher 816-912-8895 
Wycla Bratton 7th/8th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-506-2170 
Jessica Burton 7th/8th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-490-1184 
Lauren Donovan 7th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-266-3213 
Elizabeth Edmonds 7th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-832-1865
Cornell Ellis 7th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-673-5690 
Robert Henderson 8th Grade Fitness Teacher 816-501-8074
Marissa Holaway 8th Grade Math Teacher 816-508-8959 
Jordan Jackson 8th Grade Math Teacher 816-591-8990 
Courtney Kern 8th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-832-1653
Tawar Khalandi 7th Grade Math Teacher 816-833-9137 
London Koehn 8th Grade Specials Teacher 816-591-6755 
Kristina Maude 8th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-506-2847 
Christin Mitchell 8th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-490-1759 
Jacqueline Molina 7th Grade Math Teacher 816-490-2608
Edward Morse 7th Grade Fitness Teacher 816-833-9159
Rohan Pidaparti 7th Grade Math Teacher 816-490-2566
Elisabeth Randall 8th Grade Science Teacher 816-833-9154
Emmi Scott 7th Grade Yoga Teacher 816-832-7247
Alice Sollitto 7th Grade Guided Reading Teacher 816-833-9143
Bailey Smith 8th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher 816-832-6210
Destiny Washington Teaching Fellow 816-832-7710
Rebecca West 7th Grade Science Teacher 816-591-0072
Roxine Westhues Learning Support Specialist 816-591-0118
Erin Wilmore 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher 816-503-1150
Casey Wright Learning Support Specialist 816-506-6265
High School
Nita Daniels
Dean of Students
Ben Carman Principal 816-604-9242
Vin Alexis-Laona Instructional Coach 816-363-9913
Annie Murphy Instructional Coach 816-516-7596
Alecia Tumpap Instructional Coach 816-604-0128
Morgan Tillett College Counselor 816-506-5705
Rachel Walker Director of College Access  
Emma Allen Learning Support Specialist 816-506-4758
Matt Apuzzo 12th Grade AP Government/Personal Finance Teacher 816-506-5354
Matt Beltrami 9th Grade Pre-AP World History Teacher 816-604-9428
Chris Bridenbaugh 11th Grade AP Lang and Composition Teacher 816-508-8071
Evan Copaken Teaching Fellow 816-832-1262
Emma Desmarteau 10th Grade Pre-AP Language & Composition Teacher 816-605-5823
Ellen Frierson 12th Grade AP Language & Composition Teacher
Carolyn Gatewood 9th Grade Honors English I Teacher 816-591-4061
Elizabeth Grau Learning Support Specialist 816-503-1662
Abigail Green 10th Grade Pre-AP Language & Composition Teacher 816-833-9157
Emiliano Gross Spanish II Teacher 816-518-1660
Carley Henke 10th Grade Pre-AP Chemistry Teacher 816-673-5698
Christina Jackson
12th and 11th Grade Fitness Teacher
Cody Kennedy 12th Grade AP Calculus AB Teacher 816-604-8184
Maria Kennedy 11th Grade AP US History Teacher 816-591-5838
Kalilah Lasenby 10th Grade Honors Geometry Teacher 816-457-3713
Marcus Liddell 11th Grade Pre-AP Calculus Teacher 816-832-1645
KAi Manning 9th Grade Honors Algebra I & II Teacher 816-490-2191
Grace Miller 9th Grade Biology Teacher 816-604-9796
Margaret Perko 9th Grade Honors Algebra I & II Teacher 816-506-6359
Bess Bailey 11th and 12th Grade AP Seminar Teacher 816-673-5686 
Daniel Velazquez 9th Grade Spanish I Teacher 816-604-0762
Julian Vizitei 10th AP World History Teacher 816-490-0271
Robert Warton Teaching Fellow 816-832-1878
Molly Woodson 11th and 12th Grade AP Biology Teacher 816-490-2282
Jason Zimmerman 10th Grade Honors Geometry Teacher 816-912-8899
Lyndsay Yates 9th Grade Honors English I Teacher 816-832-1539
Network Team
Teresa Beshore
Director of Special Education
Cat Cain
Operations Manager
Erynn Campbell
Human Resources Specialist
Kristin Crites
Director of Athletics and Activities
Abigail Huff  Social Worker / Counselor 816-604-9796
Jerrad Jones Director of Finance 816-612-8505
Amanda Labb Senior Operations Specialist 816-832-1883
Hannah Lofthus Chief Executive Officer 816-268-5662
Jay Marshall Information Technology Coordinator 816-304-1498
Tylice Merritt Office Coordinator 816-268-5660
Annie Olsen-Meehan Senior Social Worker / Counselor 816-612-8605
Katie Pasniewski Chief Operating Officer 816-612-8539
Candace Potter Talent Recruiter 816-268-5669
Bailey Reimer Operations Manager 816-612-8519
Hadiza Sa-Aadu Data and Technology Specialist 816-490-2988
Caitlin Sharp Director of Technology and Data 816-612-8506
Syreeta Washington Office Coordinator 816-612-5661
Margaret Watermann Data and Technology Specialist 816-591-8385 
Nikki Williamson Special Projects Manager 816-490-1662
Jason Wycoff Senior Operations Specialist 816-490-1056
Riley Zinsmeister  Operations Coordinator 816-591-7440