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General Support
Front Office
Call: 816-268-5660
Text: 816-760-2521
Apple Bus Company 816-252-8800
Food Services Point of Contact: Sam Preston
Enrollment Point of Contact: Alexandra Carlson
Athletics Point of Contact: Deronne Wilson
Special Education, Speech, OT Services Coordinator: Jules Fox
Foster Care Point of Contact: Bailey Page
Homeless Coordinator, Family Liaison and ELL Program Manager: Daniel Velazquez
Title IX Coordinator: Katie Pasniewski
Registrar: Ellen Frierson
Please allow 1 business day for registrar requests to be processed.
2022-2023 School Year Staff
5th and 6th Grade School
Name Title Cohorts Phone Number Email
Amy Rosenwald Principal  N/A 816-281-6833  [email protected]
Richard Abram II Dean of Students  N/A 816-508-8959  [email protected]
Gordon Brown Dean Room Monitor  N/A 816-832-1917  [email protected]
London Koehn Dean of Instruction (5-8)  N/A
Georgina Leslie Dean of Instruction (5-8)  N/A 816-533-2727  [email protected]
Kathleen Barbosa Dean of Instruction (5-8)  N/A 816-244-0448  [email protected]
Titilayo Adelusola 6th Grade Math Teacher Queensland, Georgetown 816-226-8639  [email protected]
Sebastian Barraza-Shackelford 6th Grade Science Teacher Rochester, Queensland, Missouri State, Georgetown 682-558-0970  [email protected]
Gerry Bolden 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Rochester, MSU 913-334-7363  [email protected]
Gabby Boss 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher Duke, Salem, St. Olaf 608-228-7245  [email protected]
Sarah Cooper 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher TSU, Fayetteville, SMU 913-735-3763  [email protected]
Ariel D'Errico 5th Grade Math Teacher  St. Olaf, TSU 816-591-6624   [email protected]
Cassidy Elwell 5th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Duke, St. Olaf 816-514-0092  [email protected]
Debra (Jules) Fox Learning Support Specialist N/A 816-786-6204  [email protected]
Mae Jones 6th Grade Math Teacher USC, UT 816-301-7366  [email protected]
Linda Kovac 5th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Fayetteville, Duke 816-701-9449  [email protected]
Kenzie Leblanc 6th Grade Guided Reading Teacher UT, USC, Lycoming, NCAT 913-346-1678  [email protected]
Amber Merola 6th Grade Guided Reading Teacher Georgetown, MSU, Queensland, Rochester 412-818-4639   [email protected]
Tierney Porter 6th Grade Fitness Teacher All 6th Cohorts 913-608-4153  [email protected]
Emily Randall 6th Grade Guided Reading Teacher UT, USC, Lycoming, NCAT 816-701-9195  [email protected]
Elisabeth Randall
5th Grade Science Teacher
Department Chair - Science
All 5th Cohorts 816-343-8256  [email protected]
Taylor Sidles 6th Grade Computer Literacy Teacher All 6th Cohorts 816-200-2391  [email protected]
Margo Sinclair 5th Grade Science Teacher Fayetteville, Salem, TSU, St. Olaf 816-673-3613  [email protected]
Kara Smith 5th Grade Guided Reading Teacher  Salem, Duke, St. Olaf  816-379-6026 [email protected] 
Maya Smith 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Georgetown, Queensland 402-445-0429  [email protected]
Cydney Snyder 5th Grade Math Teacher SMU, Salem 816-673-3607  [email protected]
Simone Wells 6th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher NCAT, Lycoming 816-607-4786  [email protected]
Chelsea Whittle 6th Grade Math Teacher Rochester, MSU 816-673-3261  [email protected]
7th/8th Grade School
Name Title Cohorts Phone Number  Email
Lindsey Woods Principal  N/A 816-612-8608  [email protected]
Shelli Carman-Brown Principal Fellow  N/A 816-559-1607  [email protected]
Natosha Landrum Dean of Students  N/A    [email protected]
Byron Ashford Dean Room Monitor  N/A 816-490-1759  [email protected]
Kesha Johnson Dean of Students N/A 816-627-9204  [email protected]
Carolyn Gatewood Dean of Instruction (5-8)
913-526-7447  [email protected]
Robyn Blakemore 7th Grade Math Teacher FAMU, Memphis 816-701-9096  [email protected]
Bailey Cooper 8th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Winston Salem, K-State 816-237-8347  [email protected]
Micah Daniels 8th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Langston, Northwestern 816-562-5610  [email protected]
Tiara Floyd 7th Grade Math Teacher Drake, Alcorn State 785-380-9445  [email protected]
Michelle Hay Learning Support Specialist  N/A 816-607-4936  [email protected]
Robert Henderson III 8th Grade Fitness Teacher All 8th Grade Cohorts 312-909-2050  [email protected]
Isha Isme 7th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Wichita, Bowie State 816-298-3411  [email protected]
Sheena Jenkins Learning Support Specialist  N/A 785-865-6852  [email protected]
Kameron Manning 7th Grade Science Teacher SMU, Duke, FAMU, Memphis 770-378-0736  [email protected]
Edward Morse 7th Grade Fitness Teacher All 7th Grade Cohorts 816-920-1000  [email protected]
Allissa Patton 8th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Fisk, LSU 816-718-2113  [email protected]
Skyelar Perkins 8th Grade Math Teacher KSU, Winston-Salem 816-694-0285  [email protected]
Megan Porche 8th Grade Math Teacher Fisk, LSU  360-870-5130  [email protected]
Elisabeth Randall
8th Grade Science Teacher
Department Chair - Science
Northwestern, Langston 816-343-8256  [email protected]
Macey Rose 7th Grade Math Teacher   682-990-3803  [email protected]
Abby Schroeder 7th Grade Math Teacher Memphis, Wichita State, Bowie State 816-301-7126  [email protected]
Alice Sollitto 8th Grade Science Teacher   917-838-5667  [email protected]
Cody Snapp 8th Grade Guided Reading Teacher LSU, Fisk 540-315-5459  [email protected]
Les Tilley Learning Support Specialist  N/A 816-834-9821  [email protected]
Jacqueline Tuggle Learning Support Specialist  N/A 816-656-8032  [email protected]
Jasmine Washington 7th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher Bowie State, Memphis, Wichita State 785-317-6880  [email protected]
Kourtney Williams 7th Grade Textual Analysis Teacher FAMU, Memphis 816-812-4275  [email protected]
Phillip Ximinies  7th Grade Science Teacher Bowie State, Wichita State, Drake, Alcorn State 954-654-9805  [email protected]
Jon Zamsky 8th Grade Math Teacher Northwestern, Langston 484-343-0116  [email protected]
High School
Name Title Phone Number Email
Ben Carman-Brown Principal 585-301-3269 [email protected]
Nita Daniels
Senior Dean of Students
816-912-8900 [email protected]
Jamon Finley
Dean of Instruction
816-832-7710 [email protected]
Annie Murphy Dean of Instruction 913-526-4627 [email protected]
Alecia Tumpap Dean of Instruction 808-281-3622 [email protected]
Tiffany Segers Director of College Access and Success 314-706-2031 [email protected]
Ellen Clayton College Persistence Counselor 816-623-2634 [email protected]
Wendy Miya College Persistence Counselor 816-490-1056 [email protected]
Dr. Amber Hurd College Counselor 314-295-8300 [email protected]
Henry Munk College Counselor 847-363-0292 [email protected]
Arlette Acosta 9th Grade Spanish I Teacher 314-399-9662 [email protected]
Emma Allen 11th Grade AP Seminar 407-618-3557 [email protected]
Bess Bailey 12th Grade AP Research Teacher 816-343-8487 [email protected]
Matt Beltrami 9th Grade Pre-AP World History Teacher 816-200-1468 [email protected]
Breanna Comley 12th Grade AP Literature Teacher 601-207-0262 [email protected]
Joe Conaghan 12th Grade College Algebra Teacher 913-744-0939 [email protected]
Elizabeth Davis 11th Grade AP US History and 11th Grade AP Language & Composition Teacher 816-797-5981 [email protected]
Emma Desmarteau 10th Grade Pre-AP Language & Composition Teacher 785-969-7096 [email protected]
Sam Dowd 10th Grade Pre-AP Language & Composition Teacher
Tim Ellis 10th Grade Chemistry Teacher
Megan Gertzen 9th Grade Honors Biology Teacher 913-687-3618 [email protected]
Angela Gipson 12th Grade AP Biology Teacher 913-961-5126 [email protected]
Abigail Green
10th Grade Pre-AP Language & Composition Teacher
Department Chair - English
913-481-7119 [email protected]
Emiliano Gross 10th Grade Spanish II Teacher 913-735-5057 [email protected]
Carley Henke 11th Grade AP Chemistry Teacher 816-701-9442 [email protected]
Teresa Johnson Learning Support Specialist 717-798-2656 [email protected]
Jen Kean Learning Support Specialist 816-673-3137 [email protected]
Maria Kennedy
11th Grade AP US History Teacher
Department Chair - History
816-673-3034 [email protected]
Melissa Lam
10th Grade ACT Math 
347-476-1270 [email protected]
Kalilah Lasenby
9th Grade Honors Algebra I Teacher
Department Chair - Math
816-457-3713 [email protected]
Marcus Liddell 11th Grade Pre-AP Calculus Teacher and Computer Science Teacher 816-832-2478 [email protected]
Grace Nikunen 10th Grade AP World History Teacher 206-465-4960 [email protected]
Trevor Obermueller Learning Support Specialist 402-937-5011 [email protected]
Alicyn Otoshi 9th Grade Honors Algebra I 408-221-2702 [email protected]
Kasey Spencer Health and Fitness Teacher 816-408-0107 [email protected]
Julian Vizitei 12th AP Government / Personal Finance Teacher 573-489-1662 [email protected]
Robert Warton 12th AP Calculus AB Teacher 816-490-7987 [email protected]
Natasha Waschek 9th Grade Honors English I Teacher 623-236-6189 [email protected]
Lyndsay Yates 9th Grade Honors English I Teacher 816-343-8436 [email protected]
Jason Zimmerman 10th Grade Honors Geometry Teacher 816-281-8464 [email protected]
Network Team
Name Title Phone Number Email
Cat Cain
Chief of Staff
816-604-7920 [email protected]
Alexandra Carlson
Operations Specialist
[email protected]
Erynn Campbell
Manager of Human Resources
816-612-8540 [email protected]
Emma Doksansky Operations Specialist 816-226-6830 [email protected]
Elizabeth Edmonds Data Specialist 816-268-5660 [email protected]
Isaac Freeman Manager of Data Systems 405-301-4720 [email protected]
Ellen Frierson Manager of Data and Assessment  434-989-4395 [email protected]
Carly Goins Operations Specialist   [email protected]
Stephanie Gounder Chief Academic Officer 281-740-2950 [email protected]
Kevin Hill Social Worker  816-490-1159 [email protected]
Bailee Hudson Operations Specialist 816-514-0982 [email protected]
Abigail Huff  Social Worker  816-832-1781 [email protected]
Jerrad Jones Senior Director of Finance and Strategy 816-612-8505 [email protected]
Angela Lupton Manager of Special Education 816-237-8767 [email protected]
Jay Marshall Information Technology Coordinator 816-304-1498 [email protected]
Emily Martin Social Worker 816-490-2282 [email protected]
Tylice Merritt Office Coordinator 816-268-5660 [email protected]
Bailey Page Interim Director of Operations 816-612-8519 [email protected]
Katie Pasniewski Chief Operating Officer 816-612-8539 [email protected]
Sam Preston Operations Specialist 816-832-1883 [email protected]
Becky Quatrocky School Nurse 816-612-8607 [email protected]
Zach Sellers
Operations Manager
816-514-1717 [email protected]
Daniel Velazquez
English Learner Program Manager,
Family & Community Liaison
[email protected]
Syreeta Washington Office Coordinator 816-457-3954 [email protected]
Candace Wilson Talent Recruiter 816-912-8898 [email protected]
Deronne Wilson Senior Operations Specialist 816-832-1921 [email protected]