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KC Scholars Awarded

Congrats to two future Tigers! Rabia and Kamerian were each awarded a $50,000 scholarship from MU and KC Scholars to attend the University of Missouri in the fall! The scholarship was made possible because MU has generously committed $20 million to fund additional KC Scholars Traditional Scholarships. Congratulations to Kamerian and Rabia and their families!
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Recent News

Largest Staff To Date

We kicked off the school year with a team of 134 staff members - our largest team to date - ready to work alongside our students and families to make our 8th year as a school the best one yet! The team includes more than 90 teachers, serving students in grades 5th through 12th.
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Fall College Fair

Our Fall College Fair - which happened this September - allowed high school students to connect with colleges and universities that they might be intersted in attending. This year, we had admissions reps from colleges throughout the country, including Notre Dame, Columbia College, and Ohio State University, to name a few.
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