Application Process

APPLY: In the Current Opportunities section, click the “Apply Here” link to submit your application, resume, and cover letter. Your cover letter should address your interest in working at the Kauffman School and prior experiences that make you a uniquely qualified candidate. Make sure you cover the topics below:
1. Share any significant academic gains you have achieved with students, citing specific evidence and/or data
2. Highlight your experience working with low-income, minority, or historically underachieving students
3. Provide specific evidence of your alignment with the Kauffman School's mission of "creating college graduates" and/or the Kauffman School's PREP values

PHONE INTERVIEW: Selected applicants will participate in a phone interview with our Talent Recruiter. This is a chance for us to learn more about you, explore how your past experiences are a fit for the school, and explain more about the position.

VIDEO SUBMISSION or PERFORMANCE TASK: Selected applicants will be invited to submit a supplementary example of their work product - either in the form of a teaching video or performance task. Teaching videos are a great opportunity for us to see you with your own students in the classroom environment while highlighting your strengths. Please note that if you are not currently in the classroom or unable to send in video, we will arrange alternative video submission options. For all non-teaching positions, performance tasks will allow you to showcase skills we are seeking within the role.

FINAL INTERVIEW: Selected applicants will be invited to participate in a final interview with our team. For instructional positions, candidates will teach a sample lesson at the Kauffman School and debrief with our Principals. We’ll be looking for your ability to plan and execute a lesson, your use of classroom management techniques, and your general teaching persona. Additionally, instructional candidates will engage in an academic coaching session with our Principals. For network team positions, a final interview day will allow you to engage in a variety of tasks, meetings and focused conversations for you to see the components of a role.

REFERENCE CHECKS: On the online application you will be asked to submit three references. We will notify you before we contact your references.


Note regarding the interview process: The interview process outlined above represents a typical interview process. The process may vary due to factors including (but not limited to) candidate background/experience and type of position.