College Access and Success

Department Vision:

Each day, the Ewing Marion Kauffman School works to create college graduates. The College Access & Success Department is a key support in this important mission. We are not satisfied with getting students to college – our goal is to see 100% of our students graduate from college. We know that a college degree not only represents a student’s success, but the gateway to a meaningful career, a living wage, and a future with options.


We show belief in every student through setting and holding them to high expectations while building relationships. We build connections and relationships with each student side by side while providing excellent, rigorous content in order to value the individual child. We do not allow differences in identity or our personal biases to cause us to lower expectations because we know that when supported, our students can achieve. Our College Access & Success Department knows this belief and connection is especially critical as we work individually with students to navigate the college application and decision process.

Intensive one-on-one supports begin a student’s junior year in high school and continue through college graduation. The College Access & Success Department team works closely with each student and family to create a plan that removes barriers that have historically created challenges for low-income, first generation or minority students, like the cost of college. In Kauffman's Class of 2024 (who graduated from EMKS in 2020), 89% of students took out $3500 or less in loans to attend college – far below the national average.

Contact Our Team:

Tiffany Segers - Director of College Access and Success
Ellen Clayton - College Persistence Counselor
Wendy Miya- College Persistence Counselor
Alexis Lankford - Junior & Senior Seminar Instructor
Bryce Dantzler - Junior & Senior Counselor


EMKS CEEB Code: 260002