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Summer Experiences

Summer Experiences:

The Kauffman School is committed to supporting students in applying to summer experiences so that students can learn more about their interests, develop new skills and competencies, and boost their college applications through meaningful summer learning experiences. Below is a list of summer experiences available to Kauffman School students. In 2020, participation among high school students in summer experiences declined by nearly 75% nationally, yet EMKS increased overall participation by 15% since the summer of 2019.


Summer 2020 Highlights

  • EMKS facilitated 22 STEM focused internships for EMKS high school students and alumni
  • EMKS developed 5 visual and creative arts focused internships for EMKS High school students and alumni
  • By fall 2020, 86% of EMKS students will have completed an internship or competitive summer experience
Other Summer Experiences
Summer Experience Student Reflection:
"My name is Jose, I am a Sophomore at the Kauffman School. My goals are to graduate college and start my own company in either Technology or Photography. While working at MINDDRIVE, I want to know what it feels like to work in a team and understand how a real job works, since this is my first job. I want to understand the ropes of working at a job. Also I want to see if working at MINDDRIVE this summer will interest me into coming back to MINDDRIVE and working as a mentor."