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College Applications & Financial Aid

College Lists:

Kauffman School students develop their college list throughout their junior year to support students in narrowing their focus to colleges that align with their individual interests and goals. Most students will have ten colleges on their lists. Below is a roundup of helpful resources and sites to consider in building a strong list of colleges.

Financial Aid:

At the Kauffman School, every junior and senior receives 2-3 in person meetings where college counselors help students to compare the cost of their top college choices. The College Access staff creates individualized financial aid offers for students. This allows families to estimate the true cost of attendance even before a student applies to college. Additionally, during the Kauffman School's College Seminar classes, students learn about options for how to pay for college through a combination of financial aid, including grants, scholarships, loans, and more. Below is a list of resources to consider in college financial aid.

Apply to College:

Kauffman School students use their college lists to begin applying to colleges as early as August of their senior year.

Choosing a Field of Study / Major:
Choosing a path of study that will lead to your ideal career is an important part of finding the right school and successfully completing a degree.

Other Post-Kauffman Pathways:

Check out some additional resources for your student’s post-Kauffman pathway!