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Visitor Policy

The Kauffman School welcomes the opportunity to have parents/guardians visit the Kauffman School.  All appointments with school personnel must be made through the Front Deck or with a Leadership Team member. Upon entering the building, all visitors must report to the Front Office, sign in, and wear the provided visitor pass while in the building.

When a parent/guardian needs to conference with a teacher or counselor, an appointment should be made no in advance. Anyone wishing to meet with any other staff member at the Kauffman School must schedule an appointment through the Front Desk or Leadership Team member.

When allowed by law, if a parent, advocate, or other person wishes to conduct an observation of any child, activity, teacher, or classroom, he or she must schedule an appointment through the Front Desk or with a Leadership Team member.

The Kauffman School will not tolerate any person whose presence disturbs classes or school activities or hinders the instructional process. Visitors to school property may not possess weapons, including concealed weapons, on school property, on school transportation, or at any school function or activity sponsored or sanctioned by the school unless the visitor is an authorized law enforcement official or is otherwise authorized by school policy.

All private or unauthorized vehicles need to follow the posted restrictions regarding one-way signs, parking, bus lanes, loading and unloading zones, etc. Vehicles are not to block other vehicles, and drivers should use only designated areas and routes for dropping off and/or picking up students at school.

The Kauffman School reserves the right to deny school tours or school visits based on the best interests of students.  The school intends to institute a general freeze on school visits and tours during the first 60 days of the school year.