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PowerSchool Parent Portal

What is Parent Portal?
Parent Portal through PowerSchool is the way for you and your student to check their grades and attendance in real time. All returning EMKS families and students have access to Parent Portal by making an account and adding their student(s) via access code. 
If you have questions about Parent Portal or your student's login, please contact [email protected].
Please see below for frequently asked questions regarding student assignments, grades, and parent portal coding.
Q - What is the website for the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
Q - How do I access the Parent Portal App?
A - PowerSchool has an app that can be downloaded for your mobile device. The district code to enter is MXJS.
Q - How long does it take to grade assignments?
A - At the bottom of each Course Homepage for your student you can see the date that grades were last updated for your student’s grades. Grades generally take one to two weeks to enter, depending on the length of an assignment.
Q - What do the symbols in the PowerSchool Portal mean?
A - If an assignment has a brown “M” by the grade, it means that the assignment is missing / has not yet been turned in. If an assignment has a blue “C” it means that the teacher has added a comment regarding that assignment to the portal. To view the comment, you must click on the blue “C” symbol.
Q - What if i need additional support?
A - Contact us via email at [email protected].


Parent Portal Tutorial Videos
Understanding Grades and Attendance:
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